Post - Op Discharge Instructions

Post op patient - AO Orthopedics Inc. in Lebanon, PA
After you have received surgical treatment for an orthopedic condition, our staff at AO Orthopedics will provide you with discharge information to help with the management of your pain and other aspects of your recovery. It is essential that you follow these discharge guidelines as they were created with your health and wellness in mind.
During all surgical procedures, our physicians take care to minimize the size of incisions although you may still have some stitches to keep the wound closed. Do not let this area get wet, and follow the nurse's instructions regarding changing the dressing. You may need to come in and have our staff redress your surgical site a few days after your operation. After that, you may be able to care for the wound yourself as long as it has begun the healing process.
Another important part of your post-operative discharge guidelines is adhering to restrictions in your physical activity level. Too much activity too soon may slow down or even stop your healing. Your physician may advise you about what types of activities are acceptable and the length of time that you can be physically active. Over a period of days and weeks, you may be allowed to gradually increase the duration, frequency and level of your activity.
Your discharge instructions also will include information about pain management and good nutrition. Taking your prescriptions can help to minimize discomfort after orthopedic surgery. Proper hydration and eating a well-balanced and nutritious diet help your body with the healing process.
If you have any questions about your discharge instructions, please call our staff at AO Orthopedics. Our physicians are always available to assist you over the phone or through an in-office consultation or post-operative checkup.