Fracture Patients

Fracture Patient - AO Orthopedics, Inc. in Lebanon, PA
The Cast Care Instruction Sheet is a printable general guideline for maintaining your cast and the casted body part in good condition through the healing process.
When you have experienced a fracture, our dedicated physicians at AO Orthopedics offer treatment and advice about essential topics such as maintaining a cast, pain management and rebuilding strength after your cast has been removed. Our fracture guideline document will be given to you when your cast is put on by a physician, and you can also find it here on our website any time you need it. We also have helpful information about conditions that you might experience while your affected bone is in a cast, including blisters, itching and sensitivity of your skin. By providing you with this guidance, our goal is to ensure that you receive kind, compassionate and skilled orthopedic care.
To help your fractured bone heal in a timely and complete manner, you will receive a plaster cast. Because most fractured bones also have nearby soft tissue damage, you may experience discomfort during the casting process and for a while after your cast has hardened. This is normal, and your pain should lessen with time. The restriction of movement caused by the cast may also cause some aches and pains in your joints and muscles. Some of these uncomfortable sensations will be localized while others might be deferred to other parts of your body as you compensate and change the way that you move.
We welcome all of your questions related to your fracture and healing. You may call our staff at AO Orthopedics any time that you have a concern about whether or not you may participate in a certain activity. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to speak with a member of our dedicated orthopedic staff.