AO Orthopedics

At AO Orthopedics, Inc. , we strive to offer all of the orthopedic care you need in order to enjoy all of your favorite activities without the discomfort of aches and chronic pains. Our orthopedic care services include physical assessments, diagnosis of injuries and medical conditions such as arthritis and muscle tears, imaging, treatment, pain management, and physical therapy. We can help you with common sports-related injuries such as a torn meniscus or tennis elbow as well as routine conditions that make everyday activities difficult or painful. Our staff can care for individuals with low to moderate activity levels as well as experienced athletes who vigorously exercise and work out on a daily basis.

In order to provide you with high-quality orthopedic care, we assign each patient to a single physician. This ensures that you receive consistent health care services with a doctor who gets to know you as a person. When your physician meets with you, you will be given a treatment plan related to your condition. This helps to avoid duplication of services and confusion during your checkups.

Our facility is conveniently located and has plenty of parking, including special spaces for post-operative patients. Our goal is to provide you with kind, compassionate and comprehensive orthopedic care. To schedule an appointment, call our staff at AO Orthopedics today.
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Courtesy of the American
Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons